Magic Botanical Ingredient: Salvia Haenkei


What is Salvia Haenkei?

Salvia Haenkei (also known as Prawn Sage) is a very durable and quick growing plant in the Salvia plant family that bears beautiful red/pink flowers naturally rich in Vitamin B and with anti-oxidant properties. The nickname 'Prawn Sage' was given because of the resemblance of its curvy red flower to a bright shrimp head. 

Salvia Haenkei is also known to have potent anti-ageing benefits, which
 were revealed by the team of scientist behind the Bottega Organica Skin Care formulations, led by Dr. Andrea Alimonti (a recipient of the Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Award for 2015). 

Salvia Haenkei and the ageing process

Clinical research exploring the effect of certain botanical extracts eradicating cancer cells, revealed Salvia Haenkei Extract to have the ability to dramatically slow down cellular senescence or  – ageing. When skin cells age they loose their ability to divide and regenerate, an unwelcome state often accelerated by UV exposure and oxidation through exposure to free radical damage.
Salvia Haenkei counteracts this process with an apparent ability to lengthen telomeres – the segments of DNA at the ends of our chromosomes, the shortening of which is equated with ageing and some forms of cancer. 

The unique ability of Salvia Haenkei to help address the challenges of ageing skin in our modern day environment without compromising the skins health make it an indispensable ingredient in any effective anti-ageing treatment.

Bottega Organica Skin Care

Bottega Organica has put the fiery Prawn Sage flower at the heart of its anti-ageing skincare. The super concentrated formulas contain a blend of the most active ingredients, and maximise the skin rejuvenating effects of Prawn Sage to create unique botanical formulas that prolong the youthful appearance of the skin. 


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