NEW IN: Youth To The People, Skincare That Adds Science to Superfoods

Made in California, Youth To The People is a 100% vegan, cold-pressed skincare line that only carries the essentials: A Cleanser, a Serum and a Moisturiser. 
Loaded with the most hardworking Superfoods like kale 
(antioxidant rich), spinach, green tea, alfalfa, plus beneficial vitamins and natural sources to preserve the skin's health. 

YTTP Skincare Ingredient Spotlight

The supernova of superfoods. With one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants, Kale goes that extra mile in keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful. Loaded with Vitamins A, C, E and K, Kale busts free radicals, repairs sun damage, hyperpigmentation damage and boasts high levels of phytonutrients that rebuild skin cells.


Not just for cartoon superheroes, spinach slays skin-aging and disease-causing free radicals. Lethal to wrinkles with Vitamins B, C, and E and skin-beautifying Omega 3 fatty acids, spinach slows the visible signs of aging, repairs skin and defends against environmental stresses.


Green tea is packed with cell-renewing antioxidants that work tirelessly to rid your skin of  wrinkles and fine lines. Green tea is also rich with polyphenols, a power player in preventing UV radiation, repairing sun damage and improving moisture retention, keeping your skin healthy and baby bum soft.


Also known as Chelated Vitamin C, this is a non-irritating form of Vitamin C that is super stabilized to ensure maximum delivery of the antioxidant into the skin. This superior form, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, zaps existing dark spots, suppresses hyperpigmentation, improves firmness and brightens the complexion.


A powerful ingredient that regenerates the extracellular matrix of the skin. Simply put, Peptides are designed to have the same chemical structure as proteins – think of them as mini-proteins. The ‘tri’ in Tripeptide indicates the number of amino acids present. These mini-proteins function as messengers, so when applied topically, Peptides send signals to your skin cells carrying instructions. Tripeptide 37 is designed to rev up the skin’s synthesis of collagen and to catalyze the skin’s healing and rejuvenating process. Tripeptide 37 is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in 28 days, reduce wrinkle depth by 88%, improve skin’s smoothness by 45%, and increase collagen by up to 175%.  


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