Allure Winner for Best Eyelash Curler!



The Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash curler is up there when it comes to the best eyelash curlers. The secret lies in the gentle curve combined with a silicone pad that won't break your lashes. A 7 time winner (!) of the Allure Best of Beauty competition with the first win going back to 2002. That is over a decade of consistently being the best eyelash curler around!

Why? Read for yourself

'*****This Godsend lets me skip mascara altogether--which is super-helpful on snowy/rainy days. It lengthens lashes beautifully and really makes my eyes stand out. Love!!'

'******This is one of my favorite eyelash curlers because it's so easy to use and it creates a perfect curl every time. It's a simple concept, but the red pads really do help align lashes with the curler for more even results (and less chance of pinching your eyelid). Even if you don't apply mascara, a quick squeeze with this tool makes eyes look more open and awake.'

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