Q&A: Let's talk about your perfect nude!

Q: Why do nude lipsticks look so scary on my lips?

A: We have been wanting to talk about nudes for a long time. Make that nudes on our lips. Why? Because we love nudes on our lips. Nudes are what we need when we don't feel like all the attention, all the statements we unintentionally make when we wear our statement red, our bloodroses or our completely cool girl purple lips.
Nudes is what we want when we need to keep our heads low(ish) and get on with our business. Look like ourselves, but just a bit fresher.
The nude club felt like a bit of an exclusive club for a while. Because it kind of felt beige instead of nude and like it excluded a lot of us.  But like exclusive clubs get more interesting when they let a variety of people in, so did the nude club get more interesting when it let a variety of nudes in. With barely browns, plums, and caramels the nude club went from a stuffy bridge club to the hottest spot in town. Welcome to our Nude World. 


Eva Mendes, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek your perfect nude is Saylair, a warm caramel with a brown undertone. Tip: on dark brown skin tones it might technically not classify as a nude but it gives that ultimate 'dark skinned bombshell' look especially when combined with a smudgy strong smokey eye

Freida Pinto, your perfect nude is Roserin, a rose shade with hints of lavender similar to your brown/pink lips 

Liya Kedbe, Lupita Nyongo, Alek Wek your perfect nude is Dantrice, a perfect neutral plum brown to match your perfect natural brown to dark brown lips 

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