NEW: Aster & Bay

Aster & Bay's simple yet effective Botanical Skin Care is the perfect pick if you are looking for radiance boosting skin care.  
The formulas are rich in potent plant oils, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that stimulate cell regeneration for smoother softer skin.
Stressed congested complexions, prone to acne out breaks and oiliness will especially benefit from the skin strengthening formulas that will claer and detoxify the skin without stripping its essential oils.
Experience the modern way to achieve a 'lit from within glow'.

Aster & Bay Brightening Toner
"Brighten hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne marks in a natural way"

Aster & Bay Cleansing Oil
"Rid your skin of bad oils and toxins and replace with nutrient rich plant oils that will cleanse pores and the skin's surface"

Aster & Bay Face Grains
"Vitamin and mineral rich anti-oxidants help smooth the skin surface and eliminate blemishes"

Aster & Bay Glow Body Serum
"Regenerate and heal your body with Blackcurrent Fruit Oil, and increase tissue elasticity in advance of the summer months"

Aster & Bay Vinegar Hair Rinse
'Give your scalp a break from sulfates and gently restore PH balance, improve blood circulation and ultimately encourage hair growth'


Aster & Bay Beetroot Lip Stain
"Brave the elements in a beautiful way with this intense lip and cheek stain

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