Mindy Kaling's favorite foundations for darker skin!

Glamour woman of the year 2014 Mindy Kaling is the quintessential modern icon. As writer, producer and star (yes that is a triple whammy) of hit show the Mindy Kaling project, she combines being extremely smart and funny, with an unapologetic love for fashion and beauty. 
Not one to be afraid of making fun of herself (cue: her by now infamous instagram snap showing her warpaint face in the middle of a heavy contouring session), she is fast becoming an unofficial beauty blogger as she happily shares her go to products with her millions of social media followers and she has been particularly generous with spilling the beans on probably the most complex beauty product to get right for women with her deep complexion, yes you guessed it; le foundation
With her gorgeous dark brown Indian skin we trust Mindy to have experimented enough to know a thing about foundations that work for women with her skin tone. So what are a couple of Mindy Kaling's favorite foundations she actually uses?


The Liquid Airbrush Foundation in LQ14
Mindy's toffee complexion is on the cool spectrum with hints of green that can make the complexion look a bit sallow if not matched properly.
The Liquid Airbrush Foundation in shade LQ 14 has hints of orange to counteract the greenish hues in her undertone and keep her complexion looking fresh; a Mindy favorite according to her trusted make up artist Cindy Williams. And with its velvet lightweight texture that completely disappears in the skin and leaves an almost airbrushed finish it is not hard to see why.

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 In Mindy's own words this is "A truly amazing concealer, never had one that comes even close". 
The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is one of our bestselling concealers and has countless loyal fans like Mindy. The staying power is amazing (you leave the office as fresh faced and bright as when you walked in in the morning) and the truly matching shades for darker skin whether you are a very light olive shade or a deep brown like Mindy make it a must buy for our always chic sable beauties. The Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX14 has little yellow pigments making it perfect for deep-brown skin with reddish (rather than yellow/golden) undertones like Mindy's. 
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