Skin Essences are probably one of the most confusing products that have emerged on the beauty scene recently. A skin care category invented in Korea, where taking good care of your skin is almost an art form and women do not shy away from 12+ step rituals, it still leaves many sable beauties on this side of the globe confused as to what it is and why it is needed (if at all) as part of their skin care routine. 

So we break it down for you in '5 Things To Know About Skin Essences

1. Essences and Toners. What is the difference? Although they can be considered as distant relatives Essences and Toners are not the same. Toners are meant to balance the PH level of the skin after cleansing (an important step especially if you live in an environment with a lot of traffic pollution) whereas essences contain extremely high levels of active ingredients like hyaluronic acids and other natural extracts to penetrate deep into the skin barrier and immediately boost hydration levels and the feeling of the skin.  

2 Does an Essence effectively replace moisturiser? No. Essences are an intermediate skin strengthening step that target a specific skin concern (brightening, anti-ageing, skin discolouration etc) and should definitely not replace your moisturiser. Every skin type benefits from a good moisturiser, including oily skin types as the overproduction of sebum tends to lessen if the skin is properly moisturised. Also Essences do not contain SPF and therefore do not offer protection against UVA/UVB rays.  

3.  Do you use a cotton pad to apply an Essence. No. Because of its specific hybrid, light consistency, Essences require their own special application technique. Take a small amount and pat it on the face with your hands, starting from the bottom (chin area) and working your way upwards.  

4. What skin type benefits most from an Essence. Because of the immediate boost of active ingredients that help create a stronger skin foundation skin types that struggle with retaining moisture, be it skin with a thinner moisture barrier or more mature skin which tends to loose the ability to retain moisture, will benefit most. 

5. Do I need to skip the serum if I use an Essence. Yes and no. Essences and Serums share a lot of similar traits. They both contain high levels of active ingredients that are meant to penetrate deep into the skin and target specific skin concerns (dull skin, uneven skin tone, sagging skin, blemished skin etc). The biggest difference lies in the consistency, Essences tend to be lighter more water based and serums tend to be more oil based which means that serums always tend to contain higher concentrations and make Essences more popular for use during the day and/or in the summer months. Bear in mind that Essences and Serums will actually compliment each other when they target different concerns. If you implement both an Essence and a Serum in your regime, always use the light formula first, followed by the richer one.

New to Essences but ready to take your skin care regime to the next level? We recommend starting with an easy, skin friendly formula packed with Rose Water and Chamomile to brighten and at the same time calm the skin and leave it with an out of this world glow. Perfect for the upcoming summer months when the skin is exposed more to the sun.

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