Life in Lipstick, Lipstick in Life by Anoushka Silva: Part I Confessions


'To many lipstick makes a statement. As I wonder at the plethora of shades to giddily covet, I think of the poem 'Proverbs of Hell' by the English poet William Blake; “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom..."You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.” 

To me, the phrase is a life lesson in moderation and functional beauty - fit for life and fit for purpose.

I currently posses an array of lipsticks; tons of coloures, textures, variety of values , and designs. Some of my lipsticks are religiously fawned over while more than quite a few are hidden at the back of the cupboard, ashamedly hidden from display!

I personally find solace with Blake's assertion and now know that I had enough all along.

What have I learnt from all this.

From gaining knowledge in selecting shades, textures, to experimenting with application and using lipstick alongside other makeup I feel I am so much more wiser in my choices of lipstick. However a trend is a trend and I do confess to the joy of the occasional lipstick flutter!

I have thus far, built a mini territory of carefully selected lipsticks each with amazing qualities ready to take me each day into battle.

A new persona with each shade and texture and a new power to take me to a rather colourful life. My very own chess board of colours to mastermind my every move.


My lust for lipstick is very much kept intact but not to excess. My love for lipstick is finely tuned. It has heightened and expanded my will, and most importantly kindles my joie de vivre.

Has lipstick always been held in such high esteem? Like Blake's "Proverbs of Hell' , a glory of contrasts, contraries and double meanings , the history of lipstick has a colourful past.



Today we find lipstick a part of everyday life whose popularity does not seem to quell. Colours, textures, design are chosen by preference and guided by fashion trends.

Lipstick is a relatively inexpensive and popular way to express oneself and exhibit beauty, making it all the more hard to resist! It has a rare quality which sets it apart from other makeup, for it is symbolic of power, rebellion, and sex.

But in today's times, who really uses lipstick and for what purpose?  Stay tuned for the second part of 'Life In Lipstick, Lipstick in Life' wherein I share the opinion of some amazing, inspiring women I have met from all parts of the world through work, social media, a shared interest or a chance encounter. '


Anoushka xxx











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can’t wait for 2nd part.

jo muldoon December 09, 2015

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