Ingredient Spotlight: What is Blue Tansy?



Blue Tansy. Call it an instagram favorite. One of the most posted about 'miracle' skincare ingredients, and quickly becoming a fixture in a lot of the most cultish skincare products. But what is it actually and what is it good for? 

Blue tansy is an essential oil, to be more precise; it is a Moroccan chamomile and it can turn a product a delicious bright blue. It has a really nice, sweet, herbaceous scent. The terpenes in it make it blue.

What it can do for you

Blue Tansy has strong antioxidant properties and is highly anti-inflammatory, so it works the same way that most chamomiles work in the body. It relaxes the nervous system, and it is very aromatic [so it] helps regulate hormones in the endocrine system, which is super important. When our endocrine system is working over hours, it causes oxidized stress within the body, which then starts the inflammatory response within the body. 

Blue Tansy is a great ingredient to add; especially during this time of year, moving into spring. It’s so soothing for the skin—it really works on the texture of the skin; you can really start to see things go into balance. 


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