Most Skincare experts agree on the power of a good thorough cleanse; and that most people would look dramatically better if they clean their face properly! (just imagine the build up of make up and dirt not properly removed everyday...)

Which is why buzzwords like 'Double Cleansing'; 'Pre-Cleansing'; 'Korean Cleanse Method' are everywhere. What they mean in layman terms is to always make sure that all the dirt is off your face.

Start with a cleansing balm or cleansing oil on days that you are commuting or on public transport a lot. It is the ideal way to remove make up, City dirt and pollution. Follow it up with a foaming cleanser, something like YTTP Kale Cleanser which is 100% vegan and bursting with anti-oxidants or Modern Natural's Gentle Purifying Cleanser with Rosehip and Japanse Plum and helps maintain the skins natural barrier.


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