Finding the right foundation colour for your skin tone can seem like a mission impossible. So many of us upset our bank managers with our quest for the matching foundation working our way through up to 8 brands before we find the right shade. And once you do find your perfect shade, your skin tone alters due to the change of seasons, hormones or a poor diet leaving you with a foundation that is either too red or too yellow, too light, or too dark. Guess what? We have the solution for you. The genius foundation adjusters by Face Atelier that can be mixed with your foundation to adjust the colour to your exact skin tone.  Shop yours here


Is your foundation making you ashy or does it have too many yellow tones? Add Heat to create a warmer shade or reduce yellow tones 

Is your foundation too light? Add Zero Plus Plus to create a darker/deeper shade 

Is your foundation too dark? Add Zero Minus (White) to lighten or create a brighter colour

Is your foundation too red? Add Zero Plus to reduce red tones

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