Clever Beauty Heroes: Facial Oils



The Cleanser
You need foaming, chemicals to leave your face really clean, right?
To cleanse a face with oil might sound like a contradiction-but it is actually one of the most tried and tested ways to clear your pores without leaving your skin dry. 
Antonia Burrell's water soluble oil cleanser is a patented blend of Cypress, Tea Tree, Lemon, Castor Seed, Lavender and Bitter Orange that mimics the skin's sebum. It captures (waterproof) make-up and impurities without affecting the skin's moisture level.
Your skin will feel clean and soft but not stripped bare.

The Skin Calmer
There is little that can be done against sensitive skin that is prone to itching and rashes
Treat it as you would a sensitive person, with extra care and attention, don't aggravate it. Apply a calming oil before putting on your moisturiser. We especially recommend if you use strong creams filled with powerful ingredients like glycolic acids and retinols.
Dr Jackson's Face Oil* contains vitamin rich baobab, calendula and arnica to reduce inflammation and irritation. A few drops will help your skin look and feel calmer.

The Blemish Healer
Oil is bad for oily skin and causes blemishes?
A beauty myth. It is dehydrated skin that is probably causing your skin's unhappiness. To counter dryness resulting from too aggressive creams the skin produces excess sebum, which causes breakouts and blemishes (it can take months/years before the dark pigmentation spots fade)
Antonia Burrell's The Radiant Light Facial Serum
 is formulated with healing frankincense, sea bucktorn, rosewood and galbanum to help treat pigmentation and will heal your skin, reduce dark spots, acne scarring and blemishes.
Massage a few drops on a clean face at night and wake up to less shiny skin with fewer breakouts.

The Radiance Booster
With age comes wisdom and away goes radiance? 
Not necessarily. Mature skin can struggle to absorb moisture effectively, resulting in lack lustre skin with lines and patches of dryness (where your beautifully applied make up likes to sink in), but a light, easily absorbed radiance booster can help your skin feel firmer and look smoother.
One Love Organic's Eternal Youth Preservation Serum, with its potent mix of fatty acids, vitamins and watermelon seed oil (also called the 'youth molecule') will help replenish the skin's fragile lipid barrier and protect cells from blemish forming bacteria & increase elasticity and suppleness.
Also an excellent light oil to use before you apply your make up for a dewy finish.





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