Q: how do I keep my 'wild' brows under control between professional sessions?

A: this will sound familiar, especially to sable beauties with very thick dark hair or curly hair, or both! Luckily you can keep them groomed and in shape with a few simple products/tools and tips.
First of all your brow kit. It should contain the following staples: Tweezerman tweezers (they are simply the best), a pair of eyebrow scissors, a nice waxy (preferably) natural balm (try Kiyoko Balm or Dr Jackson's Coconut Melt) and a Precision Brow Pencil with a brush that is strong enough no matter how thick your hair.
Try to exercise control, don't feel tempted to pluck stray hairs everyday as you will loose your brow shape and it can be hard to grow the professional shape back. If you must get rid of a few hairs avoid the bathroom light and go for the best natural light, late mornings are the brightest. Follow the brow shape outlined by your aesthetician and only tweeze and trim stray hairs between and underneath the brows. Brush the brow flat and fill in where needed (a brow pencil with a thin tip will create the most natural effect). Smooth with a peasize amount of your favourite natural wax or balm. 



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