The Only Thing You Need To Know About Glowing Skin

Glossy, glowing complexions are the make up trend of the moment (with even the queen of contouring; Kim Kardashian ditching a heavy made up face for a more natural glowing look). But you don’t need to have a make up artist on speed dial to get celebrity worthy results; with the right skincare and application tips we can all become a more radiant version of ourselves.


Build an extra ten minutes of skin prep into your regime. So a clean face, toned and treated with lots of beautiful nourishing serums, facial oils and moisturisers to really achieve that flushed, 'post jog' complexion.

Skip the primer (sorry primer fans) as the idea is to really let your skincare blend with your makeup. For extra dewiness add a few layers of Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Oil beneath foundation.

With your base covered, it’s time to add luminosity. The beauty buzzword? Strobing. Highlight areas that naturally glisten after exercising and avoid anything too shimmery; Noto Botanics Hydra Highlight for Face + Body is superbly subtle and super easy to apply: use fingers to blend it along your cheekbones, eyelids and down your nose.

Last but not least, No glowing complexion is complete without a healthy blushy flush – if you have a warm undertone to your skin you will love the Multi Benne Cheek and Lip Stain By Noto Botanics. More on the cool side? The Creamy Glow by Kevyn Aucoin with its punchy pigment translates in the right shade of soft pink.

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