How to be smart and safe in the sun!

Summer is almost in full swing and with longer days and high temperatures in our midst, sun protection should be on everyone’s mind. Dedication to SPF is extremely important for all skin tones and types whether you have olive, dark or light skin and should be a year-round affair. Why? The sun’s rays can not only cause skin cancer, but dehydrate the skin, destroy natural collagen and elastin (resulting in those unfortunate early signs of ageing), can aggravate certain skin disorders dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and cause painful sunburn if you’re not careful.


Still most of us struggle to keep a consistent sun protection routine; when we asked our customers why, the majority answered that' most sunscreens feel sticky and awful on the skin or leave a white mask!' 
Luckily not all sunscreens are created equal which is why we are such big fans of Coola, one of the few sunscreen brands known to offer a luxurious and sophisticated skin care experience with the highest level of sun protection. Coola combines natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Raspberry Seed oil, with nourishing vitamins and features the most advanced SPF technology to keep you protected. 
Physical sunscreens form a barrier that scatters the UV rays away from the skin’s surface, while chemical sunscreens absorb the rays and deactivate their harmful properties.

Apply 30 minutes before direct sun exposure and don’t forget your hands and feet. When using sprays, always spray into your hands first and then apply to your face to avoid missing any areas or accidentally spraying the product into your eyes. In order for sunscreen to work to its full potential while you’re spending time in the sun, you must reapply during the day! We recommend reapplying Coola's continuous mists every 60-80 minutes and the Classic Sun Care and Mineral collection every 40 minutes for optimal coverage and protection.

We know that you enjoy spending time in the sun – so why not be smart and safe about it? 

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