Strobing: what you need to know about the new make up trend of 2015!


As far as make up trends are concerned 2014 was all about contouring, that cheekbone enhancing/ mimicking trend made famous by Kim Kardashian.
But there is a new favourite trend in town, Strobing, and it is set to become the biggest make up trend of 2015. 
So where did Strobing originate and what is it exactly? Strobing, made popular in France where a minimal look is the norm, is essentially a subtler way to accentuate the face without the intense and time-consuming application of heavy, darker than your skin shaded contour.

The idea is to accentuate the high points on your face—the places where the light should catch. The outcome is the illusion of high cheekbones and strong features, with a glowing finish that makes your skin look radiant. 

The main benefit of strobing is that it makes the skin look glowing, healthier and it feels lighter on the complexion (a definite bonus during the summer months).

4 things that matter when 'Strobing'? 

1. Prep your skin with a hydrating serum/moisturiser
Strobing is about radiance and getting the perfect glow and is best achieved with skin that is well looked after and hydrated so make sure you keep a disciplined skin care regime. Before applying any highlighter make sure your skin is clean and well hydrated and primed.

2. Use the correct shade of highlighter for your skin-tone 
'With Strobing it is important to pick the right shade of illuminator, one that is true to the skin tone and undertone of your complexion' says make up artist Rebecca Keates. 'This will ensure that the skin looks natural and beautifully radiant rather than harsh and dull'.

If you have a dark complexion peachy, orange hued illuminators will compliment the skin most.
If you have very fair skin tone stick with a highlighter/illuminator with pink-beige tones
If your skin tone is medium to tan bronzed beige and golden hued illuminators will compliment you best. 

Whatever your skin tone, it is best to avoid anything with obvious glitters and shimmers or that gives a harsh 90s frosty look.  



    Dark/Deep Skin                             Olive/Medium                   Light Skin         

3. Apply highlighter on the high spots of the face where the light falls.
Just tap your favorite illuminating highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, the inner brow bone above your brow, the outer brow bone below the tapered end of your brow, the inner corners of your eyes, the bridge of your nose, your Cupid’s bow, and the apple of your chin' says Keates.

 4. Blend
After you applied your highlighter make sure you blend any edges to avoid any obvious, harsh lines. If you use a powder highlighter, use a brush for the smaller areas.
Finish off with a subtle dash of coloured blush on the cheeks to soften the effect.  

Tip for Oily Skin Types: If your skin is very oily, keep the rest of your make up (concealer, blush, primer) matte and avoid applying highlighter on areas where you are experiencing break outs.

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