There is a lot of buzz in the air about Clean Beauty.

Conventional retailers and brands are starting to understand the importance of Clean Beauty but here at we have always passionately believed in Clean Beauty and championed brands that have a Clean Beauty philosophy at the hart of what they do. So what is Clean Beauty? Clean Beauty, refers to any formulation that is free from a list of potentially harmful and irritating ingredients, and instead uses a combination of plants, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts to help restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.

Clean also refers to products and brands that aim to manufacture more consciously, whether it be recycled packaging or sustainable ingredients.


But to us the true power of clean beauty lies in its effectiveness; when formulated with high quality natural ingredients used in their purest form, they are highly concentrated and therefore effective at treating certain skincare concerns without aggravating the skin with harsh and harmful chemicals. 



Natural ingredients are those extracted directly from the plant source in their raw state; they are not synthetically made in a lab. Bear in mind that the word ‘natural’ is not regulated in the beauty industry, so a bit of research is recommend to find out what ingredients will work for your needs. Once you find the right natural ingredient for your skin however, they can have an incredible effect thanks to their potent, antioxidant-rich properties.

Welcome to our world of Clean Beauty!



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