Fragrance New Cool Mood: Introducing DedCool Vegan , Cruelty Free Luxury Fragrance


Created in 2015 by LA native Carina Chazanas, DedCool forms part of the eclectic group of new indie perfume brands that have disrupted how we experience and what we expect of fragrance. Leaving behind the generic and gender specific marketing of conventional fragrance houses, DedCool’s unisex, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic (!) fragrances labeled “01” through “05,” allow the user create their own scent identity, with a ‘cool’ and natural blend of top, middle and bottom notes that gravitate towards intoxicating musky scents (think Juniper Berries, Pomelo, Saffron, Accord Cuir, Black Violet, Crystal Rose, Blonde Woods, Raspberry, Vetiver) and end with a delightful fresh and upbeat finish.

"I decided there should be no gender attached to fragrance, as I wanted to smell masculine and have a lover smell the same,” explains Chazanas about the mission of her brand.

DedCool’s beautiful minimalist bottles leave exterior marketing frills behind and focus instead on what is inside the bottle resulting in a collection that is superbly mature and will capture the imagination.



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