Lip gloss is making its return and we couldn't be happier!!

Why you need a lip gloss



Thinking of lipgloss immediately takes me back to the early 90's. Scrunchies and Lancome's supersticky Juice Tubes. It all felt so chic. But don't get fooled by nostalgia. The 90's lipgloss was actually super uncomfortable to wear and probably rightly so only to be tolerated by unfazed teenagers. How much has changed in the gloss department since. Modern-day glosses are now a grown up thing. Brimming with lip nourishing ingredients. Texture and consistency have also evolved with the time. Who wants to tolerate a sticky mess in this day and age. The new textures are lightweight, soft and glide on as sheer as possible. It is a quick and harmless way to plump (ageing) lips and nothing beats a sleek, mirror-like shine to look and feel polished. And the best part of the lipgloss evolution? The arrival of clean formulas.



How to wear it

Sheer glosses are pretty for everyday, giving the right amount of volume. For a really clean formula go for Kjaer Weis' new glosses, causing a stir in the industry for their sheerness and texture. They are perfect to wear on their own or layer over a dried matte lipstick to create a cooler finish. The combination of inky, matte lipstick with gloss on top looks beautifully lived-in and sensual.


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