Nontoxic, Organic, (punchy) Pigments: What It Takes to Create Non-Toxic Makeup


From lead, to petroleum, to endocrine-disrupting plastics, the chemicals conventional makeup exposes us to seem not-worth-it for a slightly darker mascara or a brighter shade of lipstick.  Nevertheless we keep falling back to them; often because we don't want to compromise on Make Up that really does the job, as natural pigments have traditionally not been terribly vibrant, bright, or dark, and the textures rarely rivaled those of the really luxurious conventional brands. Until something happened.


Industry insiders and especially make up artists not affiliated to major cosmetic companies, started to notice that technology was evolving, and completely transforming natural makeup, taking the colours far beyond the dusty roses and neutral browns of the past—and the textures into the realm of the geniunely sheer, the truly glowy, the dainty and the subtle.


Suddenly there was no good reason to limit oneself to conventional cosmetic companies. The more natural alternatives where getting as good. So we started a search. What natural cosmetic alternative could we offer you, our Sable Beauty community, that was as luxurious and high quality as you deserve to expect. Naturally we set the stakes high. It had to offer the highest quality when it comes to texture and colour, delivering conventional-makeup quality in formulas that are totally nontoxic. So all the ease, the theatrical, and quite frankly the sometimes-more-natural look and texture you can get from conventional makeup.


Which is exactly what we found in our new organic Make Up brand Kjaer Weis’. The brainchild of Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis launched in 2010. Kjaer Weis formulas include natural and certified organic ingredients that deliver stunning color without harsh parabens. From rich mascaras, creamy foundations for very fair to dark skin(!), punchy red lipsticks to sheer and build-able lip-stains, the products perform like those with more conventional formulations. But then better.



Add to that Kjaer Weis’ sleek white enamel logo, and award-winning packaging which is sustainably designed: refill any product without changing the outer compact.







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