Chikuno Life Beauty Paper

  • Why a Sable Beauty
  • How to use
  • Ingredients
  • Prevent your skin from going into sebum overdrive and keep it looking matte and fresh throughout the day with this stylish package of handmade beauty sheets by Chikuno Life. The rice paper sheets infused with purifying charcoal are perfect to remove excess oil, and sweat without disturbing your make-up or stripping moisture from your skin. Keep your skin looking and feeling fresh anytime, anywhere. We especially recommend for busy sable beauties constantly on the go. 

    SableBeauty, You Are Beauty!

  • The Chikuno Life Beauty Papers are true little gems. Produced by hand by skilled artisans in the Chikuno atelier, finely milled bamboo charcoal is embedded into each sheet to help absorb excess oil from the face. The Chikuno Life Beauty Papers are cruelty free, handmade, 100 percent natural and without difficult chemicals like parabens and sulfates.
    How to use? Gently pat a sheet anywhere there is excess oil on the face. Never rub or wipe. Use both sides of each sheet and discard after use.

  • Contains 30 Sheets. Made in Japan

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