Instagram Beauty Queen.

With their passion for beauty and loyal audience of followers, a new generation of beauty influencers have changed the beauty game for ever. But who are these ladies behind these familiar instagram handles; meet the Instagram Beauty Queens

We speak to 4 of our favorite ones, whose instagram feed we keep track of and regularly turn to for their knowledge and some serious beauty inspiration.

In this feauture the spotlight is on London based Priya, aka @poofie.peej. Her Instagram feed is much 'liked' as she shares her go to products that help her breeze through her busy schedule, and can provide you with enough beauty inspiration to last a few years.

SABLE BEAUTY: Where are you from?

Priya: I was born and raised in London but my roots lay in Kerala, India.

SABLEBEAUTY: How did you get started in the world of instagram?

Priya: I started a blog initially but I was at work  full time and I was also a postgraduate student so time constraints meant keeping up with the blog was not feasible. I decided to make the move to instagram because I found it easier to post and interact with my readers. My instagram posts take a maximum of 5 minutes to compose and post and I prefer the snapshot visual element to it.

SABLEBEAUTY: What are your tips for taking a great instagramm photo?

Priya: Plain background, natural lighting and a succulent - never underestimate the aesthetic prowess of a well placed succulent. Also make sure your camera lens is clean!

SABLEBEAUTY: What are your absolute Beauty essentials?

Priya: My beauty essentials are constantly in a state of flux. Current essentials are AS Apothecary Hydrating & Radiant Facial Serum (love this it's perfect skin in a bottle), Superdrug Tea Tree, Kiko 208 water eyeshadow, Lancome Juicy Shakers, Superdrug Tea Tree and Grapefruit Face Wash, OGX Caffeine and Niacin Shampoo, Mane n Tail conditioner and The Rituals Elixir D'Orient perfume.

SABLEBEAUTY: Where in the world are girls most groomed? What kind of Beauty look do you admire?

Priya: I think everyone is groomed in their own unique way but the next time you're in Selfridges take a moment to people watch. You'll find some breathtakingly beautiful ladies and gents with coiffured hair, flawless skin, chanel bags and the occasional fluffy puppy in  tow - I bet their world is pure magic.

SABLE BEAUTYDescribe your Beauty highs and lows?

Priya:Beauty high would have to be getting my teeth straightened. I was pretty late to the braces rite of passage as I decided to have them done around the age of 18, a few years later I had them shaved - I believe it's called teeth contouring. You can pretty much contour anything and everything these days and my smile remains my favourite feature. My beauty low is probably my first graduation photo - I loathe that photo, my face is so shiny, my lipstick has faded and my eyebrows are virtually non existent. I've now perfected the art of graduating and understand the importance of carrying a powder compact but that photo will always haunt me as it's taken pride of place in the living room.

SABLE BEAUTY: What’s your favourite restaurant?

I don't actually have a favourite restaurant but I love Mexican Food, Sushi, Dumplings and Sea food. I would love to go to Sexy Fish in Mayfair and Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden sometime soon.

SABLE BEAUTY: Where’s your ultimate holiday destination?

Bora Bora, the Kardashians sold it to me.

SABLEBEAUTY: What is your favourite fashion/beauty magazine?

Believe it or I don't read any beauty magazines. I would like to read the books Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes and Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge they would be more informative in my opinion.

SABLE BEAUTY: What’s next for @poofie.peej?

Priya:is just a hobby so it's life as usual for me! It's currently 00:25am I have a 6am alarm set, a busy day at work ahead of me followed by an evening of essay writing. My life is the epitome of glamour.