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Activate Face Serum (Lemon & Rosemary)

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  • A concentrated silky-smooth face serum enriched with minerals, vitamins and rejuvenating substances from lemon balm, rosemary, olive leaves, and French lilac to feed, rejuvenate and really restore the skin. We especially recommend incorporating the Activate Face Serum in your skin care routine if you live in an environment with high levels of pollution particles in the air, which is known to adversely affect the collagen levels and can increase the appearance of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Regular use will help create healthy, clear skin.
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  • For the best results use the Activate Face Serum after cleansing, at bedtime to allow the skin to optimally absorb all the vitamins and nutrients overnight. For extra-nourishing, follow with a facial oil or face cream.
    Sable Beauty Tip: unwinding before going to bed will benefit the skin. Take a moment to indulge and de-stress with a soothing herbal tea blend of honey, rooibos and liquorice

  • Glycerin*, aqua (water), caesalpinia spinosa gum*, melissa officinalis (lemon balm*) leaf extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary*) extract, galega officinalis (French lilac) (bo) extract, olea europea (olive) (bo) leaf extract, salvia officinalis (sage*) extract, salvia haenkei (prawn sage) (bo) extract. * certified organic herbs flowers and fruits (bo) harvested by Bottega Organica

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