Troi Ollivierre Beauty


  • Why a SableBeauty?
  • How to use
  • Ingredients
  • Meet Toni. The perfect easy polished pale pink by J. Crew's genius make up artist Troi Ollivierre. A smooth and creamy, superpigmented matte that is never heavy and just sits beautifully on the lips. With fans including Toni Garn, Lais Riberio and Jasmine Tookes, you can not go wrong with this custom blend shade that adapts to the skin tone and gets you the coolest glow.
    Love Toni? Than you will fall in love with George, Parker, Louis, Bob and Atticus too. 

    SableBeauty, You are Beauty!

  • To achieve a cool and polished effect just dab on with the bullet and spread and blend with the fingertop. If you want to get that glowing J. Crew look just add another layer for more intensity and a real pop of colour. Check out our pinterest for more Troi Ollivierre beauty inspiration.

  • Made in Italy

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