Eco Luxe Skin Care by Bottega Organica at Sable Beauty

If you’re looking for an eco luxe skin care brand, you’ve come to the right place! Bottega Organica is a beautiful, cutting edge line of skin perfecters consisting of the most pure botanical formulas that are scientifically proven to maintain the skins youthful brightness.

Bottega Organica’s eco luxe skin care range only uses natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial fragrances or colours of any kinds. The fantastic brand uses rich extra-virgin olive oil as a base for their products, grown in their family farm in Liguria. This extra-virgin olive oil is then combined with botanical extracts and essential oils rich in molecules with anti-aging properties.

Not only are Bottega Oragnica producing amazing eco luxe skin care products, their eco friendly approach follows in everything they do, from their paper packaging being made from recycled paper printed with vegetable ink, to their flagship New York store that was built entirely with reclaimed materials, including wood for furniture, flooring and shelves.

This fabulous range of eco luxe skin care products has something perfect for every skin type. Perhaps you have quite acne prone skin – if so the Bottega Organica anti-blemish oil is your go to! Want preserve your youthful skin? The Bottega Organica Ageless Mist or the Restorative Mask are what you’re looking for! Check out the full range here!

Eco Luxe Skin CareEco Luxe Skin Care

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