The perfect red lipstick. Do we need it in our lives? Yes. And if we are paying attention to the spring/summer 2015 trends at all, the time has never been better for a Sable Beauty to find her perfect red lip. The quickest way to transform an everyday appearance, a powerful red lip can make you feel glowing and on top of the world (as if you have been let into a cool secret society).   

Did you know? Mesopotamian women are often credited as the first women to invent and wear lipstick, using crushed gemstones to decorate their lips. The Egyptians followed suit, including Cleopatra VII, who would crush ants and carmine in a base of beeswax to color her lips a red shade

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Once considered 'difficult to pull off' if you are not a Marilyn Monroe look a like, nowadays the options are plenty. From deep scarlet hues, to vibrant orange reds, there is a shade of red to suit every taste. Rich velvety textures, cool and modern semi-mattes and perhaps the most important; enough colour intensity to make the perfect red visible on the darkest deep ebony skin tones without going muddy
Red our easy to follow tips for the best results!



# Pick a red with enough colour intensity Whilst there are plenty of budget friendly options out there, a premium option will guarantee a good colour and texture that reflects beautifully on deeper skin tones 

# Don't shun matte textures. A matte texture will guarantee a clean finish and works well with the natural dewiness of combination or oily skin.  Shop the perfect matte red in Eternal here >>

# A full lip too strong for your personal taste? Go for a more 'mellow' blurry effect by tapping some colour with a lip brush and build up as you go

# Don't overdo the blush. We know a sable beauty and her blush should not be parted but a strong lip means going for a more subtle definition on the cheeks. Add a faint dusting of a shade that is slightly darker than your own skin tone or a non shimmery bronze like the Tropical Veil Day to add definition 

#pigmentation areas on your lips? start with a lipliner that resembles your lip colour to even out and add definition
# Red not your thing? Pack a punch with moody scarlet hues instead