Lipstick In Life, Life In Lipstick (III): 10 Lipstick DIY TIPS

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1) If you are a fan of pink but not sure which shade of pink suits, smile and take note of your gums!! Your gums indicate your perfect shade and refrain from going lighter!!

2) To help suss if you will like a lipstick colour and not regret purchases' when you get home, take the lipstick, unscrew and place it across your lips. You will have a better idea of what it looks like on without having to apply it in store and it will give you a better indication of suitability than applying on your hand. Lips also have an undertone and this logic can also be used to match your perfect tone.

3) Darker shades will thin lips and the reverse applies.

4) If you wish to dip your toes and try out lipstick, start with the lighter/neutral shades which do not require so much maintenance because you will not need to necessarily define the lips with lip liner to create sharp lines. Also lighter/neutral shades will not look irregular as darker shades would as they start to fade.

5) It helps to exfoliate the lips before applying lipstick, especially if wearing darker colours. You can make a quick exfoliator by mixing honey and sugar.

6) After exfoliating, apply a moistening lip balm and keep this on for a while. Remove balm with a tissue and apply a primer before lipstick for this will give a smoother finish to the lipstick.

7)To retain the lipstick colour, I was told to fill your whole lips with neutral pencil prior to applying lipstick. This allows the lipstick to have something to adhere to and thus last longer! Lip pencil serves to prevent lipstick from bleeding outside your lips. A subtlety darker liner to that of lipstick can also be used to define ones lips more for that illustrious pout! Setting lips by blotting, ie dust loose powder through a singly ply of tissue.

8) For pouty twin peaks on top of your lips, do not line and simply pat concealer in the central groove of the upper lip and blend well.

9) To replicate the same colour of the lipstick to appear on your lip as in the tube, prime your lips with a small amount of foundation before you apply, think art work and blank canvas!

10) If you wish to create a more natural lip stain effect from your lipstick apply blot and repeat as this will remove the oils form the lipstick creating a stain.

All in all, I can say that I am a long time lover of lipstick but I am still learning. The greatest cue, however, is that I now know that wisdom is bestowed upon me when I utilise my knowledge of lipstick and apply it to life.

The last line of 'Proverbs of Hell' reads, "Enough! or too much" implying moderation is in order and I accordingly urge you to select your lipstick/s with care and thought and relish the lucky ones you choose.

As Blake says " Exuberance is not only right but also beautiful." " It is the means by which life is made meaningful"."

"He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star."

Enough! or too much?   Only you can tell....

I would like to take the opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to reveal their adventures and thoughts on lipstick.










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Love this ode to lipstick – I can’t live without it!

Sajeira Abeysekera December 06, 2022

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