Kevyn Aucoin

Eyelash Curler

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  • To achieve the most dramatic, feminine wide-eyes that last all day don't look further than the Eyelash Curler. A 7 times Allure Best of Beauty Winner for best eyelash curler, it is easy to see why this is a pro-kit essential for make up artists.
    Incredibly easy to use, with a pronounced curve, it fits against the eyes in a natural way.
    SableBeauty, You Are Beauty!

  • The Eyelash Curler is a professional quality eyelash curler that makes it easy to achieve the most stunning results. It elegantly curls the lashes for an open, fresh look without leaving a harsh square finish.
    The sleek stainless steel handle opens really wide, which allows you to place them comfortably at the roots of the lash for a more intense lift. The contrasting red rubber pad is a clever way to spot if you have missed any lashes.
    For the most intense result: gently place the curler at the roots of your upper lash line, hold for five seconds and then release. Repeat the sequence whilst you work your way to the top of the lashes. To avoid pulling and breaking of lashes, open the handles as wide as possible before removing the curler.

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