The Effects of City Pollution On Your Skin.

Modern life is exciting. The 24/7 buzz of opportunities and Ubers, easy access to 'flat whites' and 'cold pressed green juice' is what keeps many of us going. But it comes at a heavy price to our skin.

Air pollution so prevalent in many urban areas is a serious issue. It is not only bad for the environment and our respiratory health, but research has shown that air pollution can also seriously affect the health and longevity of our skin. In fact air pollution can be as damaging to our skin as UV Rays from the sun.
The  impact on the skin is constant, while your going about your daily commute, shopping, grabbing a coffee or jumping in a cab.

Pollution leaves a a layer of particles and toxins on the skin that can have some serious side effects. Chemical pollution and free radicals can accelerate the degradation of collagen, tissue damage, oxidative stress and cell mutation.
This weakening of the skin barrier causes inflammation which can result in acne, dullness, age spots and hyper-pigmentation.  

To address this invisible attack on our skin a consistent regime of cleansing and detoxification is needed to counter the effects of pollution.


A good deep cleanse of the skin is absolutely necessary, and not only if you wear make up (!) In fact, it is much worse to sleep with the build up of chemical pollution on the skin than to fall asleep with a layer of foundation.  
Deep cleansing helps to rid the skin surface of the build up of toxins.
Choose a cleanser that works hard to clear the pores of excess oils, build up and dead skin without stripping it bare of its natural moisture balance.



Constant exposure to toxins and pollution makes it almost impossible for the skin to effectively detoxify on a cellular level, so it is important to regularly purify the surface of the skin and help it reset and detoxify with the help of a deep cleansing and detoxifying mask.

Give back to the skin in concentrated doses what it is deprived of due to damage caused by environmental pollution. Essential Vitamins and Minerals keep the skin balanced and healthy and enables it is to withstand and combat free radicals which results in diminishing inflammation, clear, more even, radiant and soft skin skin.
Always treat the skin with a winning little cocktail of a serum and hydrating oil or moisturizer that really deliver intense hydration and protection. 

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