Relaxed Summer Beauty



Summer is a time to relax and enjoy light filled days. Embark on new projects. Laugh with your friends. 
Your beauty regime should reflect that. Go for lightweight creams and serums, foamy cleansers and hardworking body gels and toners. Fuss-free beauty products that make you look (and equally important) feel your best.

Healthy, glowing skin is the best summer accessory as great skin does not need much make up.
Double cleansing, exfoliation, toning and hydration should form the non-negotiable core of your skincare regime. Invest in innovative skin care to get you there. Natural and plant based products formulated with a meticulous scientific eye to deliver the best results.

You are more than just your face so take care of your body. You exercise, eat healthy, it is as important to nurture your beautiful skin. Why not give it a break and put toxins and sulfate filled products aside for a while.
Gently exfoliate and purify the skin with a Binchotan Charcoal Infused Body Towel. Binchotan Charcoal has been used for centuries in the Japanese beauty tradition to rid the skin of toxins and blemishes. Follow with a reparative lightweight body serum if you suffer from blemishes and uneven skin tone or go for a hydrating Body Perfecting Gel (Dr Jackson's Body Perfecting Gel available from July) if you want to firm and tighten the skin. Follow with some non-greasy, non sticky sun protection (try Coola if you want to go down a more natural route).

Keep it looking shiny. Apply 100% virgin coconut oil everyday (try the award winning Dr Jackson's Coconut Melt). It adds moisture to your hair whilst doubling as anti-frizz serum (and a little pea size drop goes a long way).

Make up

With perfect healthy skin you can go as natural or as wild as you want. A skin perfecting highlighter strategically applied will sculpt your face and attract the light in just the right places. Use foundation/concealer sparingly, the harsh summer light is unforgiving so only focus on the areas where you experience discolouration or excessive blemishes.


Sable Beauty, You Are Beauty

PhotoCredit- Vanessa Jackman

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