We know you are feeling the heat so take a look at our Quick Guide to Easy Summer Radiance. 

Step 1 Quick 10 Minute Buff
Because healthy skin is the shortcut to radiance take 10 minutes to gently exfoliate your skin. Buff with a scrub cloth, and make sure you also pay attention to those areas that might matter less in the winter but are in full view in the summer; upper back, back of your knees and the back of your arms. Morihata's Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub is a 100% natural cloth, with mini particles of detoxifying binchotan charcoal, to give you an exfoliating and detoxifying treatment in one.

Step 2 Soak in Moisturising Soap
After you have rid your body of dead skin cells and impurities it is time for a little fragrant (but no less moisturising) treat. Soak from top toe with a rejuvenating face and body bar by Jaboneria Marianella with essences of Coconut, Oak Moss and Mulberry. Rinse off and path dry with a soft clean towel.   

If you suffer from dry skin and are in need of some extra moisture add a light layer of hydration with ERB's Eastern Treat Body Serum, it is filled with refreshing ingredients like peppermint and jasmine. Vitamin B and Rice Wheat will help restore the skin and diminish blemishes.

Step 3 Tone, Moisturise and Glow
Set up your skin to absorb your moisturiser by preparing it with the hydrating, glow giving Forest Dew Skin Conditioner. Let it soak for 30 seconds and then finish with an SPF day cream, Skin Cream 01 with melanin inhibiting Kigelia will help restore historical sun damage and prevent new sun damage.   

Step 4 Light Gloss and Blush
Give your skin a rest by keeping make up to a minimum. Dab some rose gold tinted primer in the reversed triangle under the eye area to attract the light to your radiant and clean face. Lightly dust the cheeks with the Tropical Days bronzer for a little colour kick and finish of with the moisturising Lip Gloss in Reina a flattering coral creme colour. Wear a hat to protect against the sun! 

Summer Drink Recipe: Detox Ice Tea


2 Litres of Water

Cucumber Ice Cubes

Dr Jackson's Detox Tea

Fill a jug with 2 litres of room temperature water. Add 4 teabags of Dr Jackson's Detox Tea. Slowly swirl the tea bags in the water for around 20 seconds. Place the jug (with the teabags) in the fridge. Leave to chill for 1.5 hours. Once chilled take the jug out of the refrigerator, remove the tea bags and pour in pre-chilled glasses. Add the cucumber ice cubes.


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