10 great ways to use your Kiyoko Lip balm!


1. As a lipbalm and gloss: Kiyoko Lipbalm contains 100% natural ingredients and provides a neutral balm that helps to soothe dry lips and add a modern shine. Use either alone, under lipstick or over lip stain to keep your lips supple and soft.  

2. As a lip primer: use as a primer before adding (matte) dark lipstick. It helps prevent blotching and running and adds hydration to counter the dryness of the matte texture.  

3. As a natural highlighterapply a little on top of blusher to make cheekbones stand out and skin radiate. Getting your legs out? Apply Kiyoko Lipbalm to shins to give the illusion of definition (makes your legs look longer and slimmer). 

4. As an eyebrow tamer: combe through your eyebrows with an unused mascara wand, this will help to tame stray brows (especially if you have tick or curly eyebrows) and keep them in place. A little gloss on the browbone is also a beloved trick of make up artists to create a dewy look as seen on the runways from New York to Paris. 

5. Flyaway tamer: rub a little onto flyaways or where you experience breakage and create a sleek finish. Brittle dry/split ends? Nourish them back to life with a gentle Kiyoko Lipbalm massage.   

6. Dry skin healer: the change of season and drop in temperature can cause irritated, dry skin. Massage Kiyoko Lipbalm into the dry areas to soothe irritation and provide a sense of relief. 

7. Night treatment: mix a little amount of your favourite facial oil with a pea-sized amount of Kiyoko Lipbalm, massage by making circular motions and wake up with a smooth and glowing complexion in the morning. 

8. Feet soother: protect your heals against the friction of new and painful shoes. Just rub Kiyoko Lipbalm wherever you're feeling the burn. Also highly recommend if you always suffer from extremely dry and cracked heels! 

9. Cuticle softener: gently massage Kiyoko Lipbalm into your cuticles for a few minutes before going to bed. The intense hydration will prevent peeling and make your manicure stand out more.  

10. Create your make up: mix loose pigments or your favourite eyeshadow with a touch of balm to create a beautiful new cream blush or eyeshadow for a sophisticated glow, perfect for a night out!


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