Q&A: Why does my blush look flat on my skin?


Question: I like to wear blush but it always ends up looking flat on my skin. Am I doing something wrong?? 

Answer: If there is one product that should be in a sable beauties 'what would I take with me to a deserted island' bag it is blush. Blush more than any other product will elevate olive, medium dark and darker complexions, it compliments and enhances the skin's undertone and gives it that sophisticated glow. So blush is a must. But not all blushes are created equal. The main reason a blush will look flat or dull on the skin is because it simply does not contain enough colour pigments to stand out against darker skin tones . So look out for blushes with rich pigments that will elevate your complexion not make it dull. Texture is also important, especially with cream blushes. Go for smooth, non-greasy formulas that will blend in beautifully rather than sit like an oil spill on the skin.


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