When it comes to eyeliner we automatically go for black but did you know that Navy Blue Eyeliner is a life changing shade which is super flattering on brown skin (no matter how light or dark) and brown eyes? 

Navy blue, unlike black, is a jewel tone. Which makes it attract the light in a more clever way. Exactly what you need when your eyes look dull and tired. For a classic day look apply a line on the upper lid and blend with a smudge tip applicator.
Need to go from day to night? Tune up the intensity and line the top and bottom lash line. 

#Brightens Eyes: navy blue has an instantly brightening effect on the brown in your eyes making them look more sparkly

#Brightens Skin:  navy blue adds warmth to the tone of darker skin given it a more vibrant even toned appearance

#The perfect pick me up: navy blue makes eyes look wider naturally so perfect to bring some life to tired looking eyes


Kevyn Aucoin Precision liner in Blue


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