Fall In love With Your Skin Again

Sometimes it is hard to remind ourselves again why we should be proud of the skin we were born in.
Stress, exhaustion, pollution. They all take their toll and can leave our complexion, well less than happy. But it does not have to be that way.


Getting your pretty and glowing self back can be done with honest skin care that contains no trace of synthetic ingredients.
We are proud to welcome Bottega Organica, our new skin care brand that combines the purest and finest organic ingredients all harvested from their own farms in Upstate New York and Liguria Italy.

Olives are cold pressed to create the base for rejuvenating oils which are combined with flower waters from wild leaves such as lavender, sage and chamomile. Bottega Organica's scientist use these as a basis to create unique anti-ageing formulations that contain optimal concentrations of Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS) blended into natural oils, rejuvenating organic and vegan serums and nourishing creams and masks that guarantee an optimal delivery to the skin.

Simple, beautiful and effective, Bottega Organica will help you fall in love with your skin again.




Bottega Organica anti-blemish face mist: a staple if your skin sometimes seems stressed, extra sensitive or itchy. This soothing mist contains a pure floral water blend of rose flower water, chamomile flower water, mallow flower water, sage leaf water, and prawn sage water. 

These ingredients work together to quickly reduce the appearance of flushing and redness while also soothing irritation and boosting hydration

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Bottega Organica Dual Action Mists: are pure delicate floral water blended with extra-virgin olive oil.
Shake it up for an instant dewy glow for face and body.

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Bottega Organica Restorative Mask: contains a soothing blend of organic shea butter, beeswax, and extra-virgin olive oil infused with medicinal herbs, fruits, and organic essential oils – leaving the skin nourished and glowing. Because it applies transparent, it's the perfect mask to apply before bed or boarding a plane.

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Bottega Organica Multi Active Serum: a great alternative to harsh vitamin C serums. The lemon balm contains a natural vitamin C to sweep away dead skin cells and leave skin more radiant

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