5 top French Beauty Tips to make your own on 14 Julliet!


14 Julliet! The French celebrate 'Viva La France!' and what better way to join them than to adapt some of the best French Beauty Tips?

French Women are known for their unique interpretation of beauty; reflected in a healthy obsession with natural glowing skin and a fuss free approach to make up (no contouring, no heavy make up). 

So lets celebrate 14 Julliet with these top 5 French Beauty secrets for glowing skin!

1. Give yourself daily facial massages.
French woman are obsessed with face massages to maintain a healthy glow, improve skin tissue health and relieve facial stress (which leads to problems of stress and elasticity). Try giving your face a gentle rub as you apply your moisturiser or facial oil; this will bring blood to the surface of your skin and give you a glow. Try Aster & Bay Glow Serum n. 1


2. Obsess about skin care
French women are meticulous about skincare, instead of focusing too much on makeup. French women would rather apply a multi step skin care routine to ensure that the skin is hydrated and signs of ageing are prevented, than piling on the latest heavy foundations and contouring kits. If they require foundation they prefer a multipurpose concealer with skin benefitting ingredients. Simplicity is key. Try an Face and Eye Essence with Bulgarian Rose Dr Jackson's Natural Products £ 59

3. Make facial sprays your best friend

French women swear by floral facial waters. Unlike tap water it is not filled with calcium and chlorine that remain on the skin, especially in the face and neck areas, which are more fragile than skin on the rest of the body. Floral facial waters also help soften the skin tissues, makes the skin feel less dry and allows better penetration of serums and creams. A midday boost by misting with a floral facial water is a French Beauty Must! Try Bottega Organica Ageless Mist £38



4. Stay clear of heavy/cakey makeup.
French women don’t wear a lot of foundation or base make–up, mainly because their skin is in such good condition. Their idea of the perfect made up face is bare skin with a touch of lipstick, mascara and blush. For a cool French chic lip try Troi Ollivierre George £24


5. Make a face mask a regular. 

French women love to use masks to repair, calm, regenerate and soften the skin. The are less into heavy chemical peels and restrict exfoliation to once or twice a week, sticking to gentle exfoliators to avoid damaging the fragile nature of the skin.
So alternate the exfoliation with a good, nourishing mask every week.
For a great regenerative mask that you can leave overnight and take with you on a flight Bottega Organica Restorative Mask £80

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