7 Beauty 'Bad' Habits That Are Ageing You!

Before you panic at the sight of wrinkles, remember they are most likely fine lines caused by dehydration, while more pronounced lines can be tackled with skincare. The look of fine lines and wrinkles can be softened by plumping the skin with moisturisers. Try layering a balm over your serum for an extra injection of hydration before applying your foundation.

Factor in a serum containing humectants like hyaluronic acid or glycerin that attract water to the upper layers of the skin for a plumped look and feel. Try mixing a couple of drops into your foundation to ramp up the moisture (we recommend YTTP Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Serum).

You may think, when it comes to makeup and ageing, that a less-is-more approach is key and you’re right, but don’t scrimp on primer. Depending on your complexion’s needs, a primer can work wonders.

A silicone-based formula like Kevyn Aucoin Primer can help to diffuse the look of fine lines and open pores. Apply underneath your foundation and after your skincare for the perfect flawless face. If dullness is your issue, then try an illuminating primer instead. The Celestial Liquid Lightning applied under foundation will give luminosity to the skin and prevent makeup from sitting in any fine lines.


For a long time it was thought that wrinkles were the one factor that made us look older, but it is now widely acknowledged that pigmentation is also ageing. An even complexion looks more youthful, fact.

Age spots tend to be dark, so before foundation use a yellow-based colour corrector. Pat that over the problem area to diffuse the depth of colour before applying your foundation. On stubborn sun spots and patches of pigmentation, blend an industrial-strength cream based concealer like the Sensual Skin Enhancer using a fluffy brush, this will give you an airbrushed finish while still hiding the problem.



With foundation and concealer, never be afraid to use your fingers. The heat from your hands can help to warm the products, making them mimic your natural skin and not sit in fine lines.

Subtle contouring can be very flattering. As we age our faces lose volume, so some clever contouring can help soften your face. Using a liquid bronzer or darker foundation in the hollows of the cheeks and angled into the mouth gives a soft contour that will light and angle the face.

A pop of blusher on the apples of the cheeks will automatically lift the look of your complexion. Peach tones are the safest option, as these are soft but will leave the complexion looking fresh

Very Shimmery textures and very dark shadows can draw attention to fine lines and creases around the eyes. Define your eyes by filling in your brows and applying a little eyeliner. Finish your look with a little lip balm or gloss. This will help you look fresh, bright and youthful. 

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