A Flame of Genius?


Having a flame of genius right before the kickoff of December 
  festivities, office drinks, and endless Turkey dinners can make
all the difference for the condition of your skin during and
after this month of celebrations and togetherness.
Why not up your skin care regime with these easy to follow tips?
Your skin will thank you for it! 


There was a time when the cleansing wipe was hailed as the solution to a busy girl's routine.
Luckily we know better now, cleansing is the most important step in your skin care routine, don't skimp on it. If your skin is very oily and you suffer from impurities and breakouts we highly recommend double cleansing with a hardworking but gentle cleanser. 
 {One Love Organics Chia Whip}. With Chia Seed Extract to add hydration as well boost elasticity and Rosemary Extract to decongest the skin.
For skin that is showing the first signs of severe distress and/or is extremely dry we recommend using an oil based cleanser like {Antonia Burrell's Natural Glow Cleansing Oil}. It has all the goodness of natural oils but none of the stickiness, turning into a light milky consistency upon contact with water.  

Severely congested skin? Open the pores and decongest with an exfoliator.
The magic trick with exfoliators is to make sure they are gentle and do not strip the skin of its essential oils.
Go for the ones free of skin damaging nasties like Parabens, SLS' and Petrolatum. Try
Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque} or {Luminous Light Polishing Powder}.
Gentle but extremely hardworking, they will help you achieve a brighter complexion and lighten any dark spots, pigmentation or sun damage with regular use.   



the skin so it can benefit from the
active ingredients in your moisturiser and serum is set to be the skin care trend for 2014. Antonia Burrell's {Forest Dew SkinConditioner} does just that. It contains Cucumber and Aloe to soothe and calm the skin.


                           STEP 3: APPLY A SERUM
Analyse your skin's condition to determine what serum it will benefit from. 

Is it dehydrated? dull? want more radiance?
Suffering from severe blemishes and dark spots? 
We have the solution for you with a host of {beautiful brightening and rejuvenating serums}


Keep your complexion dewy and make the best of your festive and sparkly make up.
For 'end of the year' tired and dehydrated skin we recommend {Antonia Burrell's Cream Supreme Facial Moisturiser}.
Try {Dr Jackson's Skin Cream 01} with Kigelia if you suffer from severe blemishes,
want to target dark spots or sun damage and don't want to compromise on hydration.
When you eventually go to sleep, a rich night cream can do wonders!
{Dr Jackson's Skin Cream 02 } will look after your skin while you enjoy a well deserved (beauty)sleep.

xx Love Santa's Team at Sable Beauty 

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