Eye Cream: Do I really Need One?!?!?!

With an abundance of products available to us these days it’s hard to decipher the necessary from the nice to have. But despite so many new types of products launching, it’s this classic product that we get asked about time and time again: eye cream, with one key question “do I really need to use one?”

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A separate eye cream to my face cream—isn't that just a way for brands to sell another product?

Creams are designed specifically to suit their purpose. For the face, the consistency and texture will be different than for the eye.
The skin tissue around the eye is at it’s thinnest, you therefore cannot have too many active ingredients. Which is why a face cream most of the times does not suit; some face products contain ingredients at relatively high concentrations which may irritate the skin around the eyes more than other areas.

So does it matter if I have been using face cream around my eyes?!

Not if 
If it’s a face cream with no active ingredients. However it may hydrate the skin but it won’t do much around the eyes. And chances of skin and eye irritation are increased.

Do I need to change my eye cream from teens to twenties, thirties and forties? 

It depends on how you look at it. Whilst a good eye cream should suit all ages, there are two factors at play: restoring moisture and increased active ingredients to keep skin at an optimum. Both product characteristics should increase in the product as we age. Hence a a product with the right amount of active ingredients is recommended from your mid thirties onwards.

Do I need a serum and cream for my eyes or just one product?

Just one product should be enough, depending whether you prefer a cream or a serum is a matter of choice and what consistency suits you best, but one product is enough.

Does it matter how I apply my eye product?

Yes! Always be considered of the more sensitive, thinner skin around the eye. Gently apply your eye cream onto the eyelids and underneath the eyes but not too close to the lashes that any cream gets into the eyes. Either dabbing or circling works just make sure you don't get any product in your eyes!

What ingredients should I be looking for when I’m shopping for an eye product?

Look out for eye cream or serum that will suit and hydrate. If you are struggeling with dark circles we recommend this anti-oxidant rich Instant Replenish Eye Cream with squalane by Modern Natural SkinCare (BUY NOW). 

If you are struggling with all over lines, puffiness andfeeling the first effects of loss of collagen under the eye this super Eye Contour Serum by Bottega Organica should be a fixture in your skincare routine (£132) (BUY NOW).”




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