Must Read: Why Air Travel Can Wreak Havoc On Your Skin!


Love your jet-setting life, your skin not so much! The minute you step onto a plane, your skin is faced with some serious challenges.

There is less oxygen in the cabin air, and virtually no circulation or humidity in the air. (typically the moisture level on a plane is 10% compared with 50% in a normal environment).
This puts the skin at serious risk of dehydration to which it reacts by overproducing sebum to compensate for the lack of hydration. Clue blemished skin... And as if that is not enough, dehydrated skin is more likely to loose elasticity and wrinkle.  

How to solve

Prevent blemishes and the skin loosing its suppleness by cleansing and using a hyaluronic acid-rich serum before take-off. This will help the skin to retain moisture and combat lines and wrinkles. Follow with a rich and hydrating daycream with plenty of anti-oxidants to combat free radicals.
We also recommend drinking lots and lots (!) of water and keep the skin moist with regular sprays of vitamin rich facial mist (supermodels like Rosie Huntington Whitely and Jourdan Dunn don't board a plane without a bottle of vitamin infused beauty water!).

A typical cabin is pretty much wall to wall filled with acne-causing bacteria and that includes your arm rest, window screen, table and seat pockets. So be mindful about constantly touching and rubbing your face, mouth and eyes.

How to solve

Keep your hands clean with a disinfectant gel and reapply especially when applying products to the face. Where possible stay clear of your face and areas like mouth and eyes all together. 

Sunburn on planes
Is your sunscreen tucked away on your luggage only to come out when you hit the beach? Consider this, while traveling at cruising altitude, you’re nearly six miles closer to the sun than you would be lounging poolside at ground level, it’s easy to see how damaging that sunshine through your airplane window can be. And whilst the window can block some of the UVB rays your skin is still at risk from the more harmful UVA rays.

How to solve

If possible, keep the blinds down, and wear sun protection that is broad spectrum and specifically says UVA protection. If you are on long flights don't forget to reapply regularly to ensure maximum levels of protection.
Are you a true frequent flyer? Forgo the window seat altogether and stick to the aisle.


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