'No Make Up Make Up' : A Lighter Touch of Blush For All Skin Tones


When we think about No Make Up Make Up we seldom think of something so easy and simple as the Good Old Blusher. Yet it is one of those staples that just work for everybody. No matter your skin tone, a subtle flush—think of the gorgeous warmth your skin exudes after a Barre Core session or a jog - flatters just about everyone.

In fact, numerous studies show that women with rosy undertones (of all ethnicities!) are perceived as looking healthier and more radiant. 

Another strong point of the blusher; the ease of application. No fuss, just brilliantly simple to put on: Dab (or brush—the same principles work no matter what the formula) pigment at the apples of your cheeks—which is where blood flow goes naturally, so it just looks right—then blend at a slightly upward angle for a chiseling effect. 

A cream or stain blush is always the preferred option. The texture applies translucent—, so it melts more easily into skin—and looks fresh and hydrating.

No need to panic about what colour to choose. There are fewer rules when it comes to picking a blusher than you might suspect.

Scroll down for our guideline consisting of the three most universal colours and the wide variety of skin tones they look best on.  

Deep Berry

Who can wear It: Pretty much every skintone!

The colour may look intense in the pot (and you can definitely layer it on to intensify), but blush lovers of every different skin tone can wear it. If you’re pale, a micro dab is enough; if you’re dark, it instantly warms up skin—either look equally gorgeous and let your individual beauty shine through.




Brown/Nude Pink

Who can wear it: works best on pale to medium skintones

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush UK

An irresistible sheen with nude and brown undertones that’s oh so subtle—and fabulously flattering 











Hot Pink 

Who can wear it: Again pretty much every skintone (surprised?!)

Hot pink is (contrary to what you might expect) surprisingly easy wearable ad natural-looking on skin. It adds just that right , pretty upbeat flush when applied sheer.








For your cream blush to wear just perfect don’t use a lot of product. A dab should last for hours—each of the above Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes is sheer-ish, but can be layered to full-on drama, feels weightless, and is packed with skin-nourishing extracts in place of the toxic synthetic dyes, preservatives, and emulsifiers that spike conventional makeup (and make oily skin go slick and oily).

Smooth with your fingers, work any extra into your lips, and often, you’ll find you need little else on your face.


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Hi, I was just writing to find out the blush / lip color of the model under the title of the article. It looks like a coral/red type of color, is it lovely by Kjaer Weis it something else? It’s stunning!

Kim May 02, 2020

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