'Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami'... Remember that one? Well the tune could not ring more true.

Miami. That vibrant, sizzling, sassy but until recently slightly cheesy place has officially entered the hallowed atrium of coolest destination on the planet.
Where once cheap bars ruled the town now the sophistication of the Design District, the artsy scene at Miami Basel and the sporty fun at Miami Heats run the show. 
So what are the absolute musts when visiting Miami??

- The Design District

A creative neighbourhood that doubles as a fashionista's paradise. Home to all the most glamorous designer brands including Cartier, GUCCI, Hermes, Fendi and tons of other exclusive brands. But what makes the Design District really stand out is the dreamy public art. 
The swings opposite the Hermes Store are definitely a highlight.  And if you feel peckish after all that art watching and shopping, the mega food market on the second covers every cuisine you might fancy for a recharging bite!


- Cheer on the Miami Heats at the FTX arena

Michael Jordan who? The names on the cool kids lips are Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. The Miami Heat are officially the coolest NBA ticket in town. Topping the Eastern Conference (yes that is for the BB insiders) a home game at the FTX arena is a buzzing experience even if you are new to the game.
Check out their INSTA: @MiamiHeat
- Walk the Miami Beach BoardWalk

Glorious especially early in the morning, the Miami Beach Walk is a 4 mile long stretch of foothpath that caters for walkers, cyclists and joggers alike. A fantastic way to blend in with the sporty natives. Plan your route in advance as there is tons to see from heavenly Art Deco buildings to the North to stunning beach views to the South
- Have Fun in the Paniq Escape Room in Wynwood
Always knew you had those hidden secret agent James Bond qualities in you? The PaniQ Escape Room in the Wynwood neighboorhood is defintely the place to let loose. With 60 minutes to find clues to escape the themed room it really is an exercise in intellegence, team work and out of the box thinking. With different levels of difficult this can be enjoyed by a family or a group of friends alike

-And last but not least :Always be glowing
Miami is definitely not the place to put on your best wall flower act. It is a fact: In Miami everybody looks their glamorous best! Toned and tanned is definitely the go to look splash on  a bronzing oil to blend in seamlessly with the locals. 
Shop Hydra Bloom Body Glow Oil  and Beach Waves Here
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash


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