SABLEBEAUTY: Why looking after your most intimate part is the ultimate form of self-care


Our V's ... vaginas. For centuries we have been encouraged to forget about them or at least pretend that they belong to us but not really, only to be spoken about in hushed tones, referred to by using obscure code names and never to be put in the V(IP) spotlight. 

Whilst we are inundated by a gazillion new beauty launches every year little attention is paid to that most precious part of the female body that equally deserves natural luxurious, gentle products formulated to enhance our sense of wellbeing.

Thankfully a very clever Scandi beauty named Avonda Urben made it her mission to change those outdated practices and set out to create the most luxurious yet gentle intimate body care brand perfect for your V. 




The Perfect V care is everything you imagine a Scandi founded brand to be. Empowering and good for you, in Avonda's own words

“I want women to feel confident about their most beautiful part of their body. It’s important for women to take care of every part of their body, including the V. I also believe that the messaging and every touchpoint should be a positive experience for all women. This new approach in intimate skincare gives women confidence and provides them with a positive body image of themselves. The name of the brand, The Perfect V, is supposed to be a feeling of confidence.

The V is more delicate than most other parts of a woman's body. The majority of women remove hair in the V area which leaves the skin more vulnerable to some skin conditions – like red bumps, ingrown hair, unpleasant odour and uneven skin tone. The biggest differentiation is that we are paraben free, fragrance free with no SLS. The products are dermatologist and gynaecologist tested and designed specifically for the V. We have also used beautiful ingredients found in the Nordic climate – berries with tons of anti-oxidants that help to rejuvenate the skin."



Brimming with the most uplifting natural ingredients like rejuvenating artic cloudberry, Bilberry known for its high content of Vitamins C, E and B, Elderflower which is used as an antioxidant and Rose Hip one of the purest forms to increase cell turnover, the Perfect V intimate care ranges leaves you feeling looked after and pampered in the most complete and holistic sense.


Shop the Perfect V HERE



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