Troi Ollivierre Beauty


  • Why a SableBeauty?
  • How to use
  • Ingredients
  • Troi Olivierre's perfect orangey-red is called George. Years of mixing, matching, blending to create the most irresistible J.Crew shoots, resulted in this beloved luxury matte staple. Super hydrating, super pigmented; it will last forever. Every skin tone under the sun, whether an ebony stunner, blonde bombshell or sultry cafe au lait, will love George as Troi intended, a shade to give you exactly what you want; that everyday irresistible glow. Get it while you can, it just pops>
    Love George?
    You will love Toni, Atticus, Louis, Parker and Bob too.

    SableBeauty, You are Beauty!

  • Prep the lips with just a little lip balm underneath.  For a subtle effect that doesn't overwhelm 'start by patting on and build on from there' says Troi. If you want an immediate full coverage just swipe on the lips straight from the bullet.
    Keep the rest of your look simple with great skin and clean eyebrows

  • Made in Italy

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