Kevyn Aucoin

Super Soft Powder Brush

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  • The Super Soft Buff Powder Brush is a luxury brush, perfect to create a smooth, flawless canvas. The super soft bristles are short and pick up and even out pigments. The flat tip is amazing to really buff and blend and allow your make up to disappear. A must for a natural, radiant look, no matter what your skin tone.
    SableBeauty, You are Beauty!

  • This Super Soft Buff Powder Brush is an essential for buffing powder. The flat edged tip allows the pigments to be subtly pressed onto the skin for a precise and even application. Just swirl, tap off excess powder and buff for a sheer and natural looking effect.

  • The handle is sleek and long and sits comfortably in your hand. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning the brush; use a mild, natural antibacterial cleanser and some warm water instead.

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