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Ultra Concentrated Face Serum

  • Why a Sable Beauty?
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  • Bottega Organica's Ultra Concentrated Face Serum is a highly concentrated serum comprised of botanical extracts, enriched with essential oils, violet flowers of French Lilac and red flower of prawn sage that are available for harvest only twice a year. Partnered with Bottega Organica's patented anti-ageing activity, this beautiful serum will visibly counteract the effects of collagen degradation and support the resilience and elasticity of the skin.
    Bottega Organica's serums are free of any synthetics or preservatives, allowing the most sensitive skin to reduce the appearance of fatigue, lines and loss of elasticity in the most natural and efficient way.
    SableBeauty, You are Beauty!

  • To achieve the most optimum results use the Ultra Concentrated Face Serum in the evening. Cleanse and tone the face. Apply 1 pump to the entire face and neck area and and allow the skin to absorb all the anti-ageing nutrients overnight. If the skin requires  an extra-nourishing action, let the skin absorb the Ultra Concentrated Face Serum for 2-3 minutes and follow with a facial oil or face formula. 
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  • Glycerin*, aqua (water), caesalpinia spinosa gum*, salvia officinalis (sage*) extract, galega officinalis (French lilac) (bo) extract, salvia haenkei (prawn sage) (bo) extract * certified organic herbs flowers and fruits (bo) harvested by Bottega Organica

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