Why A Regular Sea Salt Soak Helps Your Stressed Skin

A regular sea salt soak is so worth your time. Sea salt absorbs dirt, impurities and toxins from the skin and can be used for a deeper cleanse. It has a rich mineral content—magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium—and this helps to restore the protective barrier in skin, in turn helping the body to retain moisture and maintain hydration levels.

Bathing in salt can also help with stress (low levels of magnesium have been linked with anxiety), relieves tension and clears your head almost immediately. Indulging in a bath after work a couple times a week is seriously calming and makes your skin feel amazing. For exercise addicts a salt bath is perfect to restore strained muscles; it helps draw lactic acid out of muscles after a big workout.

Dead Sea salt is one of the most popular and efficient bath salts Extracted and solar dried from the saline and mineral-rich marshes of the confined Dead Sea, it is nutrient rich, extremely fine, and the partially moist salt, makes it perfect for bath products. 

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