The idea for Sable Beauty was born out of passion and a need: passion for intelligent beauty of the highest quality that delivers and a need for a modern service that is always inclusive.  

Feeling slightly frustrated by the experience at the beauty counter where pushy sales assistants master the art of making you buy what is good for their till but so ill suited to your personal beauty needs we decided that it was time to make things better. 

So we came with an alternative, a transparent and easy to navigate online boutique with an edit of unique, clean beauty, lovingly curated.

We don't offer hundreds of brands and products we don't believe in. Instead we research and test each product we offer and those that reflect the same quality and integrity values we stand for make the cut.

We also strongly believe shopping for beauty requires a personal approach with special attention to what makes you unique. So we always aim to give you the best possible service, whether it is 'one on one' advice through our live chat, sharing valuable tips and tricks in our SableMagazine or on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or through our after purchase follow up consultation.

Finally we believe shopping for beauty should never be complicated, no matter where you find yourself on the planet so always just a mouse click away from leaving you happy, glowing and beautiful. 

SableBeauty, You Are Beauty!