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Body Tools & Scrubs

Rejuvenating your skin cells is so important to keep your complexion fresh, healthy and youthful. The best way to rejuvenate your skin is to properly exfoliate to remove the old ones. This will mean that you need a quality body scrub product to do so. Wonder how supermodels and Hollywood stars get that gorgeous sheen to their skin? A quality body scrub is the secret! Those little granules will work quickly to unveil the new skin ready to shine from underneath. In fact it may not be the standard exfoliation that you may be used to. A body scrub tool such as a charcoal exfoliation mitt is the newest and most effective way to get that glowing look. Make sure to follow up your exfoliation with a quality moisturiser to lock hydration into your freshly buffed skin. It is a great way to prepping for a spray tan too.