Luxury botanical skin care by ASTER & BAY is coming to

The trend for luxe organic cosmetics has never been stronger. What originated as the preserve of A-list beauties known for their glowing complexion like Lea Kedebe, Miranda Kerr and Thandie Newton is being embraced by more and more women. 
And it is easy to see why.
We invest in a balanced diet, keep our bodies fit with exercise so it feels like a natural extension to make our beauty regime more reflective of that healthy approach. 

Aster & Bay's award winning products fit this trend perfectly. The products are hand-crafted and produced in small batches, think of it as 'haute couture' cosmetics. And more important they are free of parabens, sulfates and other chemicals which can aggravate sensitive skin and trigger hyper-pigmentation, especially in darker complexions.  

The bestselling products such as the Brightening Toner, the Body Glow Serum and Facial Serums are packed with anti-oxidant rich 100% plant oils and extracts for ultra hydration and super glowy skin. 

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